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Helene Neville, Four World Records, Flag for Hope Star, Nurse, Grandmother, Author and Cancer Survivor, made her way- solo - around the perimeter of the continental United States (36 states, 9,713 miles). When she completes this, she will be the second person and fisrt woman to run across every state. She began her run on May 1, 2017, in Wyoming, and ran the final 12 states in the middle of America. When she completed this, (4,000 miles over 5 months) she became the only person to have ever run across every state.

Helene's message is highly relevant, and empowering, and challenges what's impossible through action and inspires others to do the same.

Her noble mission of motivating others towards improved health, peace, and unity, awakens the human spirit - one state, one mile, and one person at a time. Helene delivers her message with genuine care for her audience. She is a humorous, compassionate speaker. Her countless stories of her travels and the people she met along the way are comical, tear jerking, mesmerizing, and entertaining.

Her inspirational presentation electrifies others to "Rethink Impossible" and imagine possibilities. Her winning attitude always leaves a lasting impact. Her story has been featured in The New York Times, The Weather Channel, ABC News, NPR, Google, Runner's World, and Outside Magazine and many more.


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"Helene is a humorous, compassionate speaker whose zest for life compelled her to perform a feat driven by unadulterated faith. She is an inspiration to all who strive for better health." Dr. Pam Fuller, Ed.D, MN, RN, University of Phoenix, Dean, College of Nursing

"Lots of people run, lots of people promote health, lots of people inspire, lots of people have cancer. Not a lot of people do all of these things at the same time." Richard James, Race Director, The Exygon and Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon

"Helene was inspirational and awe-inspiring at our annual Pink Night Out celebration. Her speech was riveting and passionate and she stole the show." Talkington's Creative Content Services, Billings, MT/USA

"There isn't a more inspiring and motivating story of achieving sporting excellence at its most extreme. And, there isn't a more captivating story teller." Donna Deegan, CEO, The Donna Foundation/26.2 with Donna, Jacksonville, Florida

"Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences." That is exactly how I view Helene Neville. She Helene conveys this message to an audience with passion and conviction and leaves one in awe of how life is so fragile but yet so important to live each day to its fullest." Desma R. Reno, MSN, APRN, GCNS-BC, Assistant Professor in Nursing, Southeast Missouri State University

"Dynamite personality, riveting story, incisive wit...this lady will dazzle you with a life journey that inspires and ignites the dream in all of us. Laughter, tears and raw courage...she lets us know we can." Dr. Elaine Doll-Dunn, Founder/Director, Leading Ladies Marathon

"The countless stories of her travels and the people she met along the way were mesmerizing and never ending. "Helene has so much to offer her community. Unfortunately it is not Houston. Fortunately I consider her community to be America." Felix G. Lugo, Houston Marathon Running Coach

"Your speech was at least as entertaining and interesting as the epic film about Forrest Gump. And beyond that, you're running across America is not just mindless meandering, but is in service of a noble purpose. Thanks for your efforts to inspire and to focus attention on important causes affecting life or death." Len Colamarino, Colamarino & Sohns, LLP

"Helene is the Right Dose of Inspiration." Dr. Edna Adan, Founder/Director, Edna Hospital of Hargeisa, Somaliland and Former First Lady of Somaliland "Anyone can run 26 miles, but the real trick is, can you recover and run it again the next day. Helene tells of outlandish idea, how she prepared and how it came into the realm of the reality. Inspiring story." Charles Maka, Human Performance Coach, EVO Sport, Phoenix, AZ & USA

"Helene has an inspiring way of speaking. So passionate about life and willing to share it with the world is a wonderful gift. We merely dream and wonder about what it would be like to accomplish such a feat, but Helene just went out there and did it! A run of a lifetime!" Kernie Gilliam, Michigan High School Track and Cross-Country Association

"To hear her story is mind-blowing. It is always amazing and beautiful when an individual goes out of their way to sacrifice financial, energy, time and health to make a difference for others. In one way, she said goodbye to life for herself and hello to life for everyone else. Meaning, she wasn't thinking about herself, she was thinking about sending her message out, and she went all the way with that." Francis Tesmer, CEO, Rolfs Global

"After hearing Helene's story of her running, and her genuine desire to help people live life to the fullest was refreshing. Helene brings her accomplishments off the pedestal and is an inspiration to anyone who hears her story." Vince Browne, Navy Seal, Former National Football League "How can her speech not affect you? Her 'true grit,' her ability to visualize a long-range goal and then implement the necessary months of long training, as well as doing the actual mega-miles day after day, reflects a person who shows the world not only that life could/would/should be lived to the fullest, but also that health issues should be considered speed bumps, not mountains." Cathy Troisi, Marathoner and Ultra-Marathoner

"Just as Hurricane Alex's rains hit southwest Louisiana, Helene crossed into our state. I had the privilege to hear her speech and run with this amazing woman! Her imprint will last a life time. What guts and grit!" Phyllis Aswell, Founder of Go Run Louisiana


American Cancer Society | Arizona Nurses Association | Arizona State University | Billings Clinic | Boone County National Bank | California Society for Healthcare Risk Management |Cleveland Clinic | Cox College | Eccoci |Emory University | EVO Ultrafit International | Genentech | Girl Scouts of America | Hoag Hospital |Iowa Methodist | Mayo Clinic | Medi-USA | Memorial Herman | Missouri Nurses Association | Mount Sinai | National Nurses Health Institute | Nevada Public Health Association | Portland Veterans Hospital | Rolfs' Global | Sauk Institute | Seidman Cancer Center | Ted Talks | University Health System of Texas | Washington Nurses Association... and a host of others.


Request a pro bono speech Helene loves giving speeches to high schools, universities, charities, military, political and religious groups, and cancer centers, etc. If you would like Helene to speak to your organization on a pro bono basis, please contact us.

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