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Helene's run is called One On The Run

An example of an ordinary person achieving extraordinary results. She has a vision for a better world by taking on some of life's greatest obstacles, fearlessly and creatively. She challenges everyone she meets to "Rethink Impossible."

Her run is more than a story of athletic achievement, it is a reflection of the human spirit. Her bravery and humility touches many lives, and she shows by example, despite obstacles, you don't have to give up.

She keeps going and gives selflessly to others, she has impacted one person after another through her speeches and interactions.

Helene went running to help nurses, unite and inspire others, and promote peace. Along the way, she found a beautiful display of the humanity. She discovered a deeper love for country and love for others. That's a story worth sharing!

Inspiration has gone full circle.


Now with 48 states completed, Helene is actively fundraising to run Alaska and Hawaii in 2018. To date, she has conquered 12,855 miles of the continental United States on foot!! She hopes to land in Anchorage in couple of weeks so she is raising money to cover airfare for herself, fee to cover her armed guide (spotter), food, fuel, car rental (which has been offered at half price) and some incidentals. The Canadian-Alaska Border is the start of her Alaska run. From there, she will run west across Alaska and return to Anchorage.


Beginning on May 1, 2017, in Evanston, Wyoming, Helene started her final leg of the journey to run across every state in the continental United States. She had just under 4,000 miles, through 12 states remaining. Upon finishing, she became only the second person and the first woman on the planet to have completed a long distance run across every state in the continental United States.

She ran through Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, finishing on the Las Vegas Strip in September, 2017.


On November 25, 2016, Helene set her fourth world record running the famous 'Rocky Steps' in Philadelphia. Her Marathon of Love began 10.2 miles away in Havertown, Pennsylvania. After spreading some of her brother's ashes at their childhood home and as she has done before, she once again ran carrying her brother's ashes ending up at the Philadelphia Art Museum. She then ran an additional 16 miles on the Rocky Steps, Helene ran up and down the steps 384 times, covering 16 miles, in 7 hours 30 minutes, smashing the old record of 7 miles.


On January 30-31st, 2016, Helene ran the Las Vegas Strip, attaining her third world record by running the Strip for 35 hours nonstop and covering 135 miles. Helene ran the 7 mile route from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to the Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas sign back and forth 19 times. This run was to thank the Las Vegas community for their support during her final leg of the perimeter run which took her away from home for 135 days.

Helene finished on Freemont Street just under the Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas sign. Freemont Street Experience turned their lighted canopy stars and stripes to honor her run.


Helene's final leg of her perimeter run began on May 1, 2015, in Eastern Maine at the Canadian border. She finished in Ocean Shores, Washington, 128 days later on September 5, 2015.

Helene run through snow, wild fires, wind storms, spread some of her brother's ashes at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, stopped at her granddaughter's house, had her dental check-up at her son's dental practice, and ran 100 miles in 25 hours during her 3,773 mile run.

At the finish line in Ocean Shores, Washington, the support vehicle was covered with almost 4,000 names. Temperatures ranged from 37 to 101 degrees while running and averaging 29 miles per day.

Marathon, Florida to Maine

Helene's third transcontinental run started May 1, 2014, in Marathon, Florida, and finished 68 days and 1,860 miles later in Portland, Maine.

Along this run Helene stopped at every fire stations and continued to stay in people's homes.

Helene averaged 27.3 miles daily. She visited her mother's gravesite and her childhood grammar school.

On this leg of her journey, after meeting a police officer who had lost his wife two months prior to cancer, Helene invited him to write her name (Maureen) on the support vehicle. From that chance meeting, people began writing their names and leaving inspiring messages on the support vehicle.

Border to Border

In 2011, cancer delayed Helene's second transcontinental run. But that didn't stop her from running 1,560 miles from Vancouver, Canada, to Tijuana, Mexico, in 2013 at age 52.

For this second transcontinental run, which began on May 1, 2013, Helene ditched the RV idea and used her own, older model vehicle filled with her gear and relied on people for food and shelter and to move her vehicle and drive her to and from her daily start/stop locations.

On this historic run, she also carried the ashes of her recently deceased brother, an accomplished guitar player. Helene averaged 37 miles a day with the 22 pound urn in her backpack.

Her longest run was 73 miles in one day.

She continued to stop at hospitals, cancer centers, and schools on this run and added music stores to honor her late brother.

93 Days Across America

Against all odds, on May 1, 2010, Helene went running. In the summer's brutal heat, she completed her first historic run from Ocean Beach, California to Atlantic Beach, Florida, running an astounding 2,520 miles in 93 days.

Helene ran solo on the highways of America with everything she needed to survive on her back. Her support vehicle was an old 1987 dilapidated RV that broke down in most cities. She had a total of 10 drivers - and one of them was her younger brother. Drivers would fly into designated airports, stay for a week or so, and depart. The RV driver would literally drop Helene on the highway, drive ahead 25 to 30 miles sometimes more, set up camp, cook, and arrange hospital visits.

Helene was the first runner ever to run the transcontinental southern route in the summer.

Helene ran along Interstate 8 through California, and ran on Interstate 10 through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. She used US Highway 90 to make her way through Mississippi, and Alabama and the Florida's Pan Handle. She returned to Interstate 10 around Tallahassee, Florida.

Average temps were 90-118 while the heat index rose as high as 120 degrees. Helene averaged 27 miles a day, and did not take a day off. Her longest run was 50 miles, on July 4, 2010.

During her 93 day run, she stopped at 40 hospitals and schools to share her story.

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